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AHS Swim/Dive Regional Qualifiers
AHS Swim/Dive Regional Qualifiers
Regional Qualifiers:
Hannah Hayslip, Mireya Villarreal, Mariella Villarreal, Alyssa Ramon,
Greg Rodriguez
National History Day
National History Day
NHD Winners - Senior Division


1st - Madison Timmons
Title: Taking A Stand For Women’s Rights

2nd - Aryssa Cruz
Title: Taking a Stand By Sitting Down

3rd - Nicholas Coleman
Title: Loving V. Virginia

Individual Exhibit

1st - Sarah Garza
Title: Theodora: Taking A Stand

2nd - JoAnna Hougham
Title: Dietrich Bunhoeffer

3rd - Ysabella Munoz
Title: Maid of Orleans: Life of Joan of Arc

Group Exhibit

1st - Anna Saenz & Geneviere Toureilles
Title:Dorothea Dix:Taking A Stand For the Mentally Ill

2nd - Hannah Hayslip & Destiny Tyrone
Title: Lyndon B. Johnson

3rd - Aliana Gamboa & Jordan Vega
Title: Hispanics Taking A Stand

Group Documentary

1st - Drachir Donahue & Autumn Flores
Title: The Manhattan Project

2nd - Gabby Canales & Alyssa Sauceda
Title: Jesus Taking A Stand Against Authority

Individual Performance

1st (TIE) - John Lemon
Title: Robert J. Oppenheimer - The Father of the Atom Bomb

1st (TIE) - Rose Torres
Title: Virginia Woolf

Group Performance

1st-Freida Nava, Haylee Perez, Alexis Soliz, Cindy Vo
Title: A Stand for All Slaves - Harriet Tubman

2nd - Samantha Hinojosa, Hannah Ramirez, Rianna Gonzalez, Amberly Vasquez
Title: Rosa Parks, Standing Up For Civil Rights

3rd - Ashley Arroyo, Lauren Herrera, Monica Ramirez
Delray Chavez
Title: Taking A Stand Against Hitler

Individual Website

1st - Ryley Priddy
Title: “The Galileo Controversy”

2nd - Jesaiah Torres
Title: Martin Luther: A Champion For Change

3rd - Gisela Gomez
Title: Standing for Separation of Church and School, Engle vs. Vital

Group Website

1st - Blaze Benavides & Marlysa Lozano
Title: The Expanding Universe Theory

2nd - Ryan Guzman & Noah Macias
Title: Taking A Stand Against Saddam Hussein