Gianna N. Morales

Principal's Message

2 years ago

Mission Statement

To Prepare, Empower, and Produce Lifelong Learners. 

Campus Goals

GOAL 1: STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Provide high quality, engaging and rigorous instruction for all students that incorporates technology and promotes student success in college and/or careers.

GOAL 2: A SAFE AND NURTURING ENVIRONMENT: Create a positive, safe and secure learning environment for all students and staff.

GOAL 3: PARENT, FAMILY, AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Build strong family and community partnerships that promote AHS vision, mission, and goals.

GOAL 4: OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY: Ensure that the campus makes fiscally sound decisions that support student achievement and maintain a strong financial position. 

GOAL 5: HUMAN RESOURCES: Build a highly effective workforce through strategic recruitment, professional learning, mentoring and organizational support to retain effective teachers, principals, and other instructional staff.